Vilciens Nr. 814 Rīga (15:31) - Krustpils (17:41) brauc ar ~28 min kavējumu. Tehnisku iemeslu dēļ.

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Fly to Gulbene by train!

Fly to Gulbene by train
and discover the beautiful city!

September 16 Autumn Festival

Riga (8:08) - Gulbene (11:33)

Gulbene (18:26) - Riga (21:54)

  • On September 16 - Gulbene will celebrate Autumn Festival. Visitors will be invited to attend crafts market "We produce ourselves" (Ražojam paši), as well as to participate in guided tours along tourism objects of Gulbene region: bread baking and tasting; cheese tasting; home-made wine tasting; visit at Latvian precious stone and semi-precious stone workshop; visit at family house of artist J. Brekte, etc.

In Gulbene everyone is invited to enjoy:

  • Trip along narrow gauge railway Banitis;
  • Trip along Gulbene by small electric train;
  • Sailing on lake near Stāmeriena castle;
  • as well as to visit semi-precious stone workshop.

More details on recreation opportunities and ticket prices in Gulbene city available here.

Purchase of tickets for trip with Banitis available here.



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