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AS “Pasažieru vilciens” – the most beloved and greenest brand in the passenger transport field in Latvia

This year, out of a total of 304 brands included in the survey, “Pasažieru vilciens” has ranked 43rd in the Latvia's Most Loved Brands top, up 13 places from last year, and is the highest ever in the Company's history.

According to the survey, the number of people who love “Pasažieru vilciens” is 8.8%, which, for the second year in a row, has earned the Company 1st place in the passenger transport category in Latvia. Brand lovers are those customers who would definitely choose the particular brand the next time they buy a product or service in this category. This year already 15.1% of respondents have positively evaluated the quality of “Pasažieru vilciens” service, 18.4% consider us unique, while 38.2% see it as beneficial.

The transport category in the Latvia's Most Loved Brands top, where “Pasažieru vilciens” has been ranked No. 1, combines brands that carry people, and this year the top five are represented by brands that carry passengers by land and air.

For the fourth year in a row “Pasažieru vilciens” has entered the TOP 50 of the Greenest brands, where we have been ranked 35th this year. 10.8% of respondents believe that “Pasažieru vilciens” is an environmentally friendly company. Interestingly, we are also the leader in the passenger transport category - of all the surveyed companies in the industry, “Pasažieru vilciens” is recognized as the "greenest". Similarly, our Company is among the 50 most humane companies, ranking 23rd in this list, with 11% of respondents saying that “Pasažieru vilciens” is socially responsible to the public.

The most beloved brands in Latvia have been identified for 15 years, using the DDB Brand Capital research methodology used in 30 countries worldwide. Almost 1000 economically active residents of Latvia aged 15-74 were surveyed.  More information:

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