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Ride for emotions!

We have launched a new, especially “sweet” cooperation project “Ride for Emotions” with SIA “Skrīveru saldumi”!

During this project, everyone is invited to travel to Skriveri by train and visit Skriveri Emotion Factory - it is situated only 2 minutes away from Skriveri train station.

When visiting Skrīveri Emotion Factory by train and presenting a valid train ticket (one-trip tickets, subscription and electronic tickets are valid), on which Skriveri is one of destinations or is in the area specified on the ticket, get a 2.00 euros discount for an excursion including the master class “CHOCOgotina”.

When presenting a train ticket, the price for the excursion will be only 10.00 euros!

Within the framework of this cooperation we invite school groups and families from all around Latvia, as well as foreign tourists, to use this opportunity to travel by train to explore the history of SIA “Skrīveru saldumi” and enjoy the delicious sweets that characterise the taste of Latvia.

Skriveri Emotion Factory is waiting for everyone who is interested in practical activities, love the traditional “Skriveri Gotina” and Belgian dark chocolate.

The discount is applied to a standard adult ticket for receiving 1.5 h of tasty emotions.

Working hours of Skriveri Emotion Factory: every day from 8.00-17.00.

All excursions have to be applied for in advance!

Contact Skriveri Emotion Factory and agree on the most suitable time for your visit:

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Have a sweet adventure!

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