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Refugees from Ukraine may use passenger trains free of charge


Starting from March 12, citizens of Ukraine and members of their families may use all trains operated by AS “Pasažieru vilciens” and carry luggage free of charge.

This offer is available for those persons who leave Ukraine and who cannot return back to Ukraine due to the armed conflict launched by the Russian Federation during the said armed conflict and it also constitutes a provision of general support to Ukrainian society.

In order to evidence the right to ride a train free of charge, these passengers must show an identity document or another document certifying belonging to a Ukrainian civilian to the ticket inspector on-board the train and have to buy a ticket with a 100% discount. A free train ticket can also be purchased at the ticket office at train stops.

The free-ticket offer is stipulated in the amendments of 10.03.2022 and 22.06.2022. to the Law of 03.03.2022 “On Support for the Civilians of Ukraine”.

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