E-biļešu pārdošana šeit ir pārtraukta. Nopirktās izmanto! Jaunas pērc lietotnē Vivi Latvija vai www.vivi.lv

Vilciens Nr. 808 Rīga (13:01) - Daugavpils (16:33) brauc ar ~33 min kavējumu. Tika gaidīta Neatliekamā medicīniskā palīdzība.

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You can purchase train tickets on our website!

See the train timetable and purchase a ticket here!

An e-ticket is a ticket paid for through the website, which is registered electronically in our Ticket Sales System and is identified with a unique ticket code.

It is possible to purchase electronically the following single-line tickets:

  • one outward ticket (without an assigned seat);
  • one two-way ticket (without an assigned seat);
  • outward baggage ticket;
  • two-way baggage ticket;
  • 3+ Family tickets:

- with 50% discount;
- with 90 % discount; 

  • two-line tickets within zones through Riga, Torņakalns, Zemitāni: 

- one outward ticket (without an assigned seat);
- outward baggage ticket.

The following one-day and subscription tickets within zones in one or two lines, and outside the zones from a specific station to a specific station can be purchased electronically:

  • one-day ticket;
  • three-days ticket;
  • three-days one-way ticket;
  • four-days ticket;
  • four-days one-way ticket;
  • five-days ticket;
  • five-days one-way ticket;
  • ticket for working days of the month;
  • one-way ticket for working days of the month;
  • ticket for all days of the month;
  • one-day and subscription ticket with a 40% discount for categories of recipients of fares reduction with 3+ Family Card or the Honorary Family Certificate.
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