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Comfort class


Services available in the comfort class:

  • The comfort class wagon has 12 individually assigned seats. When purchasing a ticket, the passenger can choose from available seats
  • Larger table for more work space
  • Free Wi-Fi is ensured in the wagon
  • Electricity socket (220V)
  • If you get cold, ask train staff for a blanket. After the trip please leave the blanket on your seat and give it back to train staff
  • Hanger for your outerwear
  • Stand for the baggage
  • It’s possible to buy a tea, coffee, wather

Additional fee for the trip in the comfort class wagon EUR 1.40.


Train with comfort class runs every day on route Riga-Rezekne-Riga


Riga (12:01)

Rezekne II (14:46)  


Rezekne II (15:16)

Riga (18:00) 


Train with comfort class runs every day on route Riga-Daugavpils-Kraslava-Riga, from Thursday to Sunday - to Indra


Riga (16:31)

Kraslava (19:48)  


Kraslava (5:47)

Riga (9:00) 


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