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Tour by train

There is no reason why not to make your regular autumn tour slightly different by heading up to your destination by train – the most environment-friendly means of transportation.

Dear teachers and parents! It is truly convenient to take a train to travel to the following student-attractive destinations, close to the train station:

  • “Skrīveru saldumi” factory of good emotions, joining what is both healthy and sweet. Expedition with a chance to wrap candies and taste products.
  • Curiosity Centre “ZINOO” in Cesis. Interactive expositions allowing visitors to try various technologies and test the laws of nature.
  • Railway Museum in Jelgava. Story of development of trains, railroads and their economic history and also of those who have spent their lives serving the railroads.
  • Elektrum Centre of Energy Efficiency in Majori where visitors can explore diverse devices which help us day-by-day to use energy resources in a reasonable manner.*
  • Energetics Museum in Kegums allows visitors to learn more about the history of electrical energetics in Latvia and attend age-appropriate educational classes.*

Information how to book a visit and find tour prices can be accessed at the website of the site-in-question. The train schedule and information regarding group discounts available at our website.

* Thanks to the cooperation with the Elektrum Centre of Energy Efficiency and the Energetics Museum there is 50% discount applied to all train tickets to Majori and Kegums and the sites can be visited free-of-charge. All visits must be booked 5 days in advance.

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