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Travelling with a Book

“And this is the first and foremost reason for wanting to travel – this evolutionary world desire for exchange of information or informational feeding. Travelling is one of the world's diets. And a traveller is a bearer of strength, a matchmaker, a stalker, an explorer, a pilot, a spy, and everything else.”
Imants Ziedonis

The Library of Imants Ziedonis Museum has opened the first train library!

Honouring the values of Imants Ziedonis – travelling, exploring the world, reading and learning new things, the Library of Imants Ziedonis Museum has created a project called “Travelling with a Book”, in the scope of which, in cooperation with the National Library of Latvia (NLL) and JSC “Pasažieru vilciens”, a library has been established in a diesel trainset for the very first time.
With three bookshelves and dozens of books, the trainset runs along all diesel train routes, allowing people in all regions of Latvia to read and take full advantage of the time spent on the train.

The special “reading train” is appropriately designed to allow all passengers to recognise it. When travelling by train, look for this sticker – if you see it, then it means you are travelling on the “reading train”! 

Book stocks on the train shelves will be updated and changed every three months according to different topics and current events.
The “Travelling with a Book” project was opened on 15 January with the topic “Travelling”.

Terms of the “Travelling with a Book” project:

  • choose a book;
  • read while on the road;
  • leave the book for other readers before getting off.

Spare the books - do not tear or fold the pages, do not draw or write in the books. If you accidentally took a book with you, then please return it to our conductor controllers at any train after reading it.

Important! Conductor controllers accept books only with the “Travelling with a Book” sticker.

The Project is implemented by: JSC “Pasažieru vilciens”, National Library of Latvia, Imants Ziedonis Museum.

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