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JSC “Pasažieru vilciens” joins the #Fraudoff movement

In Latvia, already more than 50 state and local government bodies, businesses and non-governmental organizations have been involved in the anti-fraud movement #Fraudoff! (#Atkrāpies!) to work together in combating various forms of fraud and raising public awareness.

The services of JSC “Pasažieru vilciens” are used by about 18 million passengers a year – these people represent a wide range of professions and generations, and each one of them carries some sort of baggage with them in one way or another. JSC “Pasažieru vilciens” has decided to join the #Fraudoff! movement not only to show that it is an honest employer to 1052 employees and a reliable provider of public transport services, but also to raise awareness among passengers about the characteristics and consequences of different types of fraudulent activity. We believe that it is important for as many people as possible to know how every citizen can mitigate illegal or suspicious activities in the private and public sector in order to help this country become more honest.

The anti-fraud movement brings together organizations that care about honesty in Latvia and who are ready to unite and involve the entire Latvian society in this fight.

“Our passengers are generally honest, almost all and always purchase a ticket - last year, out of 18 million passengers, only about 650 passengers were caught without a valid travel ticket, and this figure is decreasing year on year. Naturally, if society's thinking regarding such everyday activities gradually changes, this should also take place in the bigger state processes. From now on, you will notice activities related to the #Fraudoff! movement in our trains, which hopefully will make our passengers think that if we act in good faith ourselves and do not ignore possible fraud, we can together build the welfare of our country,”, says Rodžers Jānis Grigulis, Chairman of the Board of JSC “Pasažieru vilciens”.

Any individual, company, organisation, merchant, employee, project implementer, or any other actor who undertakes to prevent, not to ignore fraudulent activities, and to be honest in his or her own activities can become a member of the anti-fraud movement.

Find out more about the #Fraudoff! movement here.

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