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20% off tickets in 35 trains on weekdays

To 17 April 2020 on weekdays a mid-day discount of 20% applies to one-way tickets when purchased either at the ticket office, on our website and mobile app, or from the train conductor.

This season we encourage students, active vacationers and explorers to use this discount during daylight, when there is less passenger traffic.

One-way ticket discount applies to:

  • 7 trains on the Rīga-Skulte-Rīga route;
  • 8 trains on the Rīga-Aizkraukle-Rīga route;
  • 8 trains on the Rīga-Jelgava-Rīga route;
  • 12 trains on the Rīga-Tukums-Rīga route.

In the train timetables at the ticket offices and in the information boards of the stops, discounted journeys are marked with a green mark. These journeys are also marked with a 20% discount mark on the website and mobile app.

Purchase an e-ticket with a 20% mid-day discount and get up to 10% off of all electronically purchased tickets. The price on the website and in the app is shown with both discounts.

In case you have bought a 20% discount ticket and decide to take a train that does not qualify for this discount, you can pay the difference at the ticket office or at the conductor controller.

Note that boarding a train at a stop with an open ticket office, the ticket will cost € 0.50 more at the conductor controller.

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