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JSC “Pasažieru vilciens” becomes a member of the international transport network Eurail Group as of the 1st of January

Following the joining of JSC “Pasažieru vilciens” to the Eurail Group transport network, foreign passengers who have purchased passes issued by the Eurail Group will be able to travel by train to 33 European countries, including Latvia. The most important advantage of the Eurail Group pass is the flexible access to most trains in Europe - unlike the traditional train ticket, the Eurail Group pass allows you to take any route at any time.

Latvia has so far been one of the few European countries not on the Eurail Group rail transport map, therefore at the end of 2018 JSC “Pasažieru vilciens” commenced active work to become a partner of the Eurail Group by 2020. This is another opportunity to attract more train passengers from abroad, as well as promoting Latvia as a tourist destination.

At the same time, joining the Eurail Group will enable Latvia to implement the Discover EU project, an initiative of the European Union (EU), which enables 18-year-olds to travel and get to know any of the EU Member States by train. By joining the Eurail Group, young people from other EU Member States will from now on be able to include Latvia on their trip. 

The Eurail Group is a single platform where you can buy so-called passes for travelling across Europe, mainly by train. The Eurail Group manages and develops two separate strands of passes depending on the client’s country of residence – Eurail passes are intended for non-European residents, while Interrail are for European residents. Passengers can choose the pass that best fits their travel plans – the Global pass is valid for travel in any Member State and the One country pass – for travel within one country only. More information is available at and

As of the 1st of January the Eurail and Interrail passes will be considered a valid travel document for all passenger trains.

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